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Funding your account

Summary of deposit methods

You can fund your Stake account via:  

  • TrueLayer
  • Direct bank transfer 
  • Debit card/credit card/Google Pay/Apple Pay

The minimum funding amount for is £50.

What are Stake’s funding fees?

We keep our fees simple and transparent – you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying. This includes brokerage fees, applicable FX transfer fees, optional fees (e.g. Instant Funding) and incidental fees. You can also find a copy of your charges through any trade/deposit confirmation email or via the Stake platform.

See below for a breakdown of our deposit charges applicable in the UK.



Debit card / Apple Pay / Google Pay


Bank Transfer & TrueLayer


Instant Funding

0.5% (£2 min)


0.5% (US$2 min)

W-8BEN Form



When you fund your account, you can choose the speed with which you want the funds to arrive:

Cut-off (GMT +1)
Receive your funds the same day by market open (9am EST/EDST)
Receive your funds the following day during the next market session (by 1pm EST/EDST)

See our pricing PDF for more information.

Getting free stock

To claim a free stock, simply make a first deposit of at least £50 into your Stake Wall St account within 24 hours of opening it. You’ll then be able to claim a Nike, Dropbox or GoPro stock on us – yours will be selected at random. For the 24-hour deadline, what counts is the moment you place the transfer, not when the funds arrive.

This reward is subject to Stake Wall St Rewards Terms and Conditions.

FX transfer and fees

You’ll have direct access to the spot FX rate for GBP to USD and full transparency of any fees charged. You can also select the transfer speed between express or regular. 

Our FX fee of 0.5% (US$2 minimum) applies when you convert GBP into USD and vice versa – not every time you trade.

No third-party deposits

Stake doesn’t support deposits from third parties. All deposits have to come from accounts or cards held in the same name as the Stake account.

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