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Withdrawing funds

You can withdraw your available funds at any time from Stake. Much like funding your account, the spot FX rate and all applicable fees will be provided to you before you decide to process your transfer. The minimum amount you can withdraw is $10 (USD).

Transfers can only go from Stake to your local bank account, which must be in your name. Before you make your first withdrawal, you'll need to provide your bank details (Sort Code & Account Number).

How do I withdraw?

  • Tap on Funds > click 'Withdraw'
  • Enter amount > Select the account you would like the payment to be sent to.
  • To add a different account, select 'edit account' and follow the prompts.
  • You'll receive an estimated summary of your transaction. With the final amount confirmed when your transaction has been processed
  • Verify the withdrawal with the unique pin sent to your email.


Please allow up to 4 business days for your withdrawal to arrive in your local bank account. Any issues, please reach out to the Stake Support Team with a copy of your withdrawal details.


  • 0.5% of the withdrawal amount with a minimum of $2.
  • Please check out our pricing page for a detailed breakdown of our fees.

Available funds & reserved cash

You'll be able to withdraw funds within your current cash value. This means that you won't be able to withdraw funds that are reserved for: 

  • Pending buy orders (i.e any order you have to buy stocks).
  • For example:

    • You have funded $1000. You have pending buy orders for $600. Your available current cash value will be $400, meaning the you'll be able to withdraw $400 at this time. 

Things to consider

  • It's vital that you enter the correct bank account details to ensure that your withdrawal gets processed as seamlessly as possible. Please be vigilant and double-check the details that you enter. If you've entered incorrect details, please reach out to the Stake Support Team with a copy of your withdrawal details.
  • Please ensure that the name on the nominated account for withdrawal matches that of your Stake account. We are not able to process withdrawals to third party accounts, such as friends & family accounts etc.
  • To ensure the security of your funds, we have extra validation methods in place on withdrawals and may contact you or request extra documentation. These checks ensure that your details are correct and prevent any fraud on your account.

No Third-Party Withdrawals 

 Stake does not allow withdrawals to third party accounts. All withdrawals have to be in your name.

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