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On Stake, we try to make tax time as painless as possible, but as a stock brokerage we do not provide individual tax reporting based on your circumstance.

We do however provide you with the information you need to complete your tax either by yourself or with your accountant (or tax adviser).  We also have partners that can generate you the required reports you may need. 

Reports we provide

On Stake you can download a full list of your transactions or obtain them individually from your activity list - this includes a full list of the trades (plus confirmations) and any FX transfers you made through Stake.  

Downloadable reports are easily available. This includes monthly statements and trade confirmations provided in PDF format. More details on this is provided in the section “Activity & Confirmations”. 

Generating Reports with Sharesight

With Sharesight, Stake customers can track their portfolios & run relevant tax reports using Sharesight.

This includes completing your CGT, Taxable Income reports and calculating your Unrealised Capital Gains.

Sharesight manages this service (they have a free service), and have integrated in Stake’s confirmations and files. 

We generate a Sharesight CSV within two weeks of the end of each tax year.

More information

We suggest you check out Using Sharesight & Stake which is provided by Sharesight.

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