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With Stake, you’ll always know the fees we charge every time you transact.

This includes showing you the exact fees you pay on any FX transfer, any fees related to your account or for trading.

When trading on Stake, the brokerage is quoted upon order review, before you submit each trade to market. There are also no custody, data or inactivity fees.

You can see our fees on our Pricing Page. For third-party fees that may be applicable, you can view our full pricing PDF.

Pass Through Regulatory Fees

There are regulatory fees when selling shares on Stake Wall St – these are charged independently from your brokerage. 

These Sell Side fees are: 

  • SEC Fee (sell side only): $0.231 per $10,000 of sales proceeds, rounded to the nearest cent

  • FINRA's TAF Fee (sell side only): $0.000119 per share (maximum of $5.95), rounded to the nearest cent

ADR fees

If you invest in American Depository Receipts (ADRs), they may be subject to periodic fees intended to compensate the agent bank providing custodial services on behalf of the ADR. These usually range between US$0.01 and US$0.03 per share, but you should review the ADR prospectus for more detailed information.

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