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Advanced security - setting up 2FA

To keep your account as safe as possible, we strongly recommend enabling two factor authentication. 

This adds another layer of security to your account & ensures that, when you log in or make a withdrawal, it's really you using your account. 

Setting up 2FA

  • Simply sign on (make sure you're on the web and not the app!)
  • Visit your Profile Page and follow the prompts in the "Advanced Security Settings (2FA)"
  • Download an Authenticator App onto your phone (like Google Authenticator or Authy) 
  • On your Authenticator App, add a new account
  • Scan the QR Code (or enter the 16 digit key) 
  • Go back to Stake and enter the code generated on your app

Boom! You just upgraded the security on your account.

Resetting 2FA

To reset your 2FA, simply complete the form here with the information that matches your account.

If you have any trouble resetting your 2FA, please reach out to the Customer Support Team.

MFA (email verification)

If you need help resetting your MFA (email verification), just reach out to the Customer Support Team.

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