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Extended Hours Trading

When are the Extended Hours? 

You can enable Extended Hours on Stake to make more timely decisions and seize more opportunities, with 9.5 extra hours of access to Wall St daily. 

Note that trading pre-market and after-hours may involve additional risks

Regular market hours are 9:30am - 4pm ET. Below are the two additional sessions that Stake is introducing: 

  • Pre-market: 4am - 9:30am ET

  • After hours: 4pm - 8pm ET

ET stands for Eastern Time, which is New York’s time zone. How that converts to your local time depends on daylight savings. The easiest way to keep track is by checking the top of the dashboard screen on Stake.

What are the benefits and risks of Extended Hours? 

Extended Hours trading brings Stake investors unique opportunities to bolster their strategies and capitalise on timing advantages. This feature allows you to react more quickly to developments that may occur outside of market hours, such as earnings reports or major news. This brings you closer to Wall St at different times of the day and can help you make moves in sync with the market. 

There are also risks involved in trading in these sessions. Compared to regular market hours, there may be a reduced number of buyers and sellers. This leads to a lower level of liquidity which can have unexpected outcomes, such as slower order execution times, wider price spreads and increased price volatility. 

These issues can be accentuated when price-sensitive updates are released outside of regular hours, as participants rush to trade before the market opens to capitalise on the timing advantage. Most trades may be placed by large institutions (rather than retail investors) using these sessions to consolidate positions or trade on emerging news. This can increase price volatility, as high-volume trades are exercised in a lower liquidity environment. You may get a less favourable price when using Extended Hours trading.

The likelihood of these drawbacks having an impact on your Extended Hours trades is ultimately a result of market variables, and out of Stake’s control. You should exercise a higher level of due diligence for Extended Hours trades, and note they may not be appropriate for your personal circumstances, objectives and financial situation. 

Please read our risk disclaimers before trading during Extended Hours. You can also learn more about the benefits and risks of trading in the Extended Hours in this Stake Academy article.

If you have further questions or need support, please reach out to our team through our contact form

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