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Enabling Extended Hours

How do I enable Extended Hours trading? 

To enable Extended Hours trading, simply go onto the order pad and either: 

  • Tap ‘Get started’ in the information box; or 

  • Tap the new badge on the bottom left; or 

  • Tap the Extended Hours toggle on the order screen

You’ll then need to accept the Extended Hours risk disclosures. Choose your saved preference and you’re all sorted. 

Are there any new features with the Extended Hours release? 

Yes, Stake has created many different features to better your experience while trading in the regular and Extended Hours. You will see a session tracker on the top left of your screen which lets you know what session is currently active. 

You can also tap this to expand it. You’ll see how long is left in the current session, session times in your time zone and other useful information, like relevant public holidays and early closes. 

Sometimes there are early closes that force the Extended Hours session to stop early, for example, if the market closes at 1pm, the after hours session will start then and go until 5pm instead of 8pm (ET).

What does clicking on the moon or sunrise do? 

Interacting with the moon or sunrise icon changes the pricing to reflect Extended Hours movements. When toggled on, you can see what a stock’s live price is in that pre-market (sunrise) or after hours (moon) session. 

Can I save my preference and have the Extended Hours order toggle always on? 

Yes, you’ll see a pop-up once you complete your first Extended Hours order. It will ask if you always want the toggle on for applicable market and limit orders. Just ‘Set as default’ to apply this. You can change this at any time by going to your settings. 

Can I turn off Extended Hours pricing? 

Yes, this can be toggled on and off at any time when interacting with the calendar status bar, sunrise and moon icons, or otherwise changed in your app settings.

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